He’s Only A Toy Spider!

We never thought we could fall in love with a big hairy spider – until we met our new best friend Woolly. (OK he’s more fluffy than hairy!)

Along with our genius friends at Tattiemoon and an amazing cast and crew, we have helped to bring Woolly to life and show everyone how he guides his best friend Tig through those unsettling new experiences that every 3-year old has to face at some time or other. Going to the dentist or starting a new dance class is a lot easier when you have a little blue fluffy friend to show you that things are actually a lot more fun than they might seem.

We are really excited about our first ever commission from CBeebies and we hope you enjoy it too. You can see Woolly and Tig every weekday at 11.05am and 3pm on CBeebies. There are 30 episodes to enjoy, so, in the words of Woolly himself – ‘Go For it!’ and remember – ‘He’s only a toy spider!’.

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  1. Brian McCarthy says:

    My Niece adores Woolly and watches each episode repeatedly. She keeps asking me to get her a Woolly of her own. Is it possible to buy a toy Woolly? If not, are there plans to produce a toy? Thank you.

    • Hi Brian (and everyone else asking about Woolly toys)
      We are currently in discussions to get some Woolly toys made and on sale in stores.
      As soon as we have any more information about when and where you can get them we will put a post up here.
      Thanks for watching and we are glad there are so many Woolly & Tig fans out there!

      • carla longhurst says:

        Thankyou! cant wait to here about where to buy and when my 3 year old loves woolly to and im hoping he will help her get over the fear of spiders to! as she is terrified of them.. look forward to the post with all the details… please dont leave us to long waiting :)

      • Cheryl Parsons says:

        Hi, Please can you make a Woolly toy, my 2 1/2 year old little boy loves woolly and Tig, he has asked me several times for a woolly and I would love to get him one (think his little sister would like one too !!)….. Please let us know when and if the toy will be available xx

      • Michelle Faulks says:

        Oh it would be great if you had a wooly toy soon. My little boy adores wooly and tig. “again mummy” is his war cry at tea time when it reaches grumpy o’clock and it’s the only thing to appease him at the end of a busy day! :-) well done on such a clever production.

        I think I might encourage hubby to watch the bus journey one when tig is grumpy because she’s tired. Haha, who says it’s justice children who can learn from it ;-)

  2. Amanda Dudley says:

    Our daughter loves the show. Can you advise if there will be products to buy for the show.

  3. Peter Morden says:

    Our 2 year old granddaughter Jessie loves this programme. It’s now her favourite. Again a first from Scotland! (I’m a quarter Scottish myself!) We’d love to be able to buy a Woolly for Jessie, too.

  4. Just a quick one to say my 26 month old daughter and I love Woolly and Tig, and it’s by far the best thing cBeebies has had to offer for ages! Tig is a gorgeous little actress who my daughter finds it really easy to identify with (well she does also look quite a bit like Tig!) and has even started asking to wear her hair in bunches after the hairdressing episode :^)
    Restaurants, swimming, sjopping, teeth cleaning…. all been made easier/more enjoyable by the conversations we have about the show. Such a simple yet effective concept, and really well made. Thanks guys! Hope there will be a chance to buy our very own ‘toy spider’ soon too!

    • Yeah. My girl now eats fish fingers because of the show. She never touched fish in any shape or form before so I’m delighted. We call her Tig when she is having fish and she loves it.

  5. Vicky Hamilton says:

    My 20 month old son loves Woolly & Tig! When will Woolly be available as a toy to to buy? Thanks

  6. Where can we get a Woolly Spider toy? My daughters (4 1/2 and 2 1/2)absolutely love the program and keep asking to have a Woolly of their own!! Please help!! xx

  7. Just thought I’d let you know, my daughter loves your show – it is her new favourite thing in the world. “Wish I had a spider like that” is the most common comment. Hope you get to make lots more of them.

  8. can you tell me if there are plans to eventually make Woolly as a toy we can buy?

  9. Michelle Chambers says:

    My daughter loves Woolly and Tig and she would love her own woolly but cant find one,can you buy one??

  10. angela davies says:

    my daughter loves this programme can you tell me if you can buy woolly toy spiders anywhere thank you

  11. Abbie Hardman says:

    I had to write to explain how the programme has helped – my little girl is 29months old, she was born with a floppy larynx and has a very bad egg allergy, she is extremely clingy and we live and run a pub, experiences such as doctors, sleepovers, dentist, hair dressers, tantrums have all been huge issues for us and she is very intelligent for her age and extremely advanced so not much gets past her! – She was that fussy even brushing her hair was a nightmare – she has hair just like Tig. Tantrums were a huge issue for us as she wasn’t being naughty more frightened with her being so clingy but since she has watched this she is a different child! She will finally cuddle my sisters, play with other children, have her hair brushed and put in bunches, taking her in to our pub was always challenging as she was wary of customers but now she talks beautifully to them. If she ever gets worried I just take a toy and get it to talk to her just like the programme and explain what is happening and that mummy would never do anything to make her sad and there is nothing to be frightened of – it really is incredible (I wish i had a woolly!)
    The change even in one week is just amazing I cannot thank you enough you have helped everyone see just how beautiful and happy our little girl actually is as it was so upsetting seeing her stressed in so many situations – the programme is just wonderful

  12. James Grant says:

    Great, grandchildren love it. Where can I purchase a wooly toy spider

  13. Elliot Foskett says:

    Woolly and Tig have made a real difference to my little girl. So far we have had an enthusiastic trip to the dentist, a happy trip to the hairdresser and it’s cured her phobia of hot air hand dryers!! Thank you for this wonderful programme.

    Now, if only we could buy a Woolly we would have a very happy little girl!

  14. Fiona Rafferty says:

    My daughters love Wooly and Tig. Where can we buy a wooly?

  15. please could you tell me if i can buy a woolly toy spider my lo loves him. thanks

  16. ashley caswell says:

    My grand daughter is 18 months old and loves this program and would love to buy her her own woolly but can’t find one. . . Do you know if anyone makes a toy of woolly
    Cheer ashley caswell

  17. Andy Burden says:

    Our 3 year old Blythe loves Wolly and Tig, the episodes have really helped her work out emotions and behaviour and more importantly she just enjoys it so much. She sings the song with her big sister Ruby aged 6. Where do we buy a Woolly spider from? Thanks, Andy

  18. janet harvey says:

    I think this programme is absolutely genius! My almost 3 year old daughter loves it and actually stays still for 5 whole minutes to watch it! Such a fantastic idea, just need to find out when its released on dvd? :-D

  19. susan smith says:

    my grandaughter loved Woolly can I buy him from somewhere ??

  20. I love woolly and so does my son does anyone know were I can get one from???

  21. Sarah Cashman says:

    Is there anywhere that we can buy a Woolly toy? My little boy loves him!

  22. danielle betney says:

    my 2year old daughter loves woolly and tig and is watching it about 15times a day as soon as she knows its going off its ‘again’ ‘again’ really need woolly so she can play with him instead of watching it every now and again please help really need to buy her one

  23. Dawn Ralph says:

    My 2 year old loves the program and i would love to buy him a woolly, any plans to make them? Some great shows on at the moment for young kids

  24. my daughter loves woolly, really helping with tantrums, sharing, fears etc. when will woolly be available to buy and where from??

  25. hi just wondering how i go about getting this toy for my daughter…she has asked me to get her one and i cannot seem to find one i have looked everywhere…. could you please help me find a woolly toy…my daughter really loves him…..thanks….

  26. My 2 and a half year old daughter absolutely adores this programme! She washes her hair in the bath ‘like tig’ one rubba dubba! She wants to experience a bus journey like tig! It makes her more determined when swimming as she wants to splash like tig!
    Absolutely fab show, true to life and helps young children explore and understand new experiences and feelings! It makes my daughter happy, therefore makes me happy!
    Bring out wooly the spider! It will be ace!!!

  27. lucy pates says:

    my little boy love’s woolly the spider. is there any chance i could buy woolly in shops now. thanks

  28. My 3 year old son loves Woolly, glad there are talks about making a toy Woolly and hope it doesn’t take too long to get them in the shops (he’s desperate for one!)…they’d be mad not to make one, it’s so popular with the cbeebies age group already!

  29. please can you make this woolLy toy soon, my son absolutely adores him and has spoke of nothing else for over a week now HE JUST WANTS A WOOLLY TOY!!!!!!please please can you give us all some peace and tell us when you have plans to make a woolly toy??????????? thanks in anticipation.

  30. Please can you get the Woolly Toys out soon my 4yr old daughter really wants one.
    I explained that you can’t buy one yet, her response was Tig has one. Awwww what could I say lol :-)

  31. My 8 month old son goes mad when the theme tune is playing,and sits in complete silence watching wooly and Tig, We hope to see wooly in the shops soon xxx

  32. My 2 year old daughter loves this programe where can i buy woolly the toy spider

  33. Stephen Tomkinson says:

    I agree – what a show! My 3 year-old daughter loves it (and I do secretly too!). Each episode has been Sky+’ed so she asks to have it on again and again. Been really impressed by the good morales in the show, and desperate for a toy Woolly spider too!

  34. Me 2yr old daughter LOVES this!! She’s already singing along to the theme tune after only watching it a couple of times. Would love to treat her with her own Woolly soon.

  35. I love Wooly and Tig too. Its my favourite. Xxxxx

    Emy aged 4

  36. carole weir says:

    please please start making woolly as my grandaughter loves woolly and tig, but cannot find anywhere that sells him, she is 18months old and we all know how quick children grow up so come on speed it up x

  37. What a wonderful programme, my 2 year old daughter loves it. Can’t wait for the toys to be available!!

  38. My daughter will be 3 this week and we would love to get her a woolly and Tig dvd, and a woolly spider of her own. She is obsessed with this programme and watches it repeatedly on our planner. This is the only programme which she will sit still to watch, so wish they would be longer!!! But please could you let us all know when and where you will be releasing a DVD, and characters to purchase.

  39. Diane Dinning says:

    I love wooly and my twins do to we’ve known wooly since we were two please please please bring wooly out sooooooooon x

  40. Lisa Nettleship says:

    My two year old (and me) loves woolley & Tig and like everyone else her she wants her own Tig so as soon as they hit the shops we will be there. As soon as an episode finishes all Lauren says is Tig, Tig, Tig she is obsesed x

  41. G ellsworh says:

    Just watched another excellent episode . My daughter is 3 tomorrow and has been desperately asking for a Wooley! I knew from respsonses on here they wont be available yet and have tried to prepare her for fact there wont be one for birthday, are they going to be happening any time soon or realisticly will she be too old by the time they are available?

  42. Any sign of woolly going on sale my son and daughter love it and I would love 2buy them a woolly of their own we love woolly :) x

  43. my daughters love wooly and tig now hurry up and bring out some toys related to it or a dvd at least getting fed up of having to change them over every 5 mins lol

  44. My22 month old daughter has always had a toy spider as her best friend. He is no longet available and we are terrified she’ll lose it. Every spider we’ve bshown her since is not good enough…. Please please make a Wooly as i think he’d do the trick :)

    My favourite show on cbeebies

  45. Looking forward to hearing when we can buy our very own toy Woolly. My son is two in June and it would make the perfect present as it’s now his favourite programme.

  46. I love Woolly! I’m a big kid of 38!
    Ohh and yer my son loves it too!
    He has just turned 3, and I tried to buy us one each for his Birthday, they don’t seem to be for sale!??
    I would have thought they would be on sale in abundance!!
    So come on CBEEBIES! Make it happen!!
    Thank you very much… [wink]

  47. Me and my two years old daughter love this show of cbeebies… It’s a very nice show to tell how to overcome childhood fears… I have searched a lot on the Internet to find out where can I buy this wooly to spider but can’t find it anywhere… Anxiously waiting for this toy in some stores, so that I might buy it for my little one.

  48. m henderson says:

    My granddaughter wood luv wooly,were can I buy one,we live in Glasgow,can u keep us posted.thanks.mary.

  49. michelle glasson says:

    we all love wooly and tig. where can you buy wooly from as my son keeps asking please help ?

  50. Kay Dewar says:

    We love Woolly!! My three year old daughter loves woolly and Tig.
    She would watch it all day if she could. It has helped her deal with some ‘scary’ situations. It is the best childrens programme to come out for a long time
    We have looked everywhere for a woolly toy, hope we can buy one soon

  51. My 2 1/2 year and I have watched the hair wash episode about 10 times today already! Definitely need a DVD so we don’t get ‘again’ every 5 mins! And she’d love her own woolly too!

  52. Is there any chance of organising email list so you can let people know if woolly toy becomes available?

    • Hi Amie

      Thanks for getting in touch. As soon as we have any news on Woolly toys we will make an announcement here and notify everyone who has posted a comment to the site.

      Keep ‘em peeled!
      Best wishes

  53. Kimberley says:

    My daughter is 2 and loves Woolly and Tig. We’d LOVE to buy a Woolly toy as soon as it’s released. She saw one on Cbeebies and was trying to reach it through the telly. She’ll have to make do with a Woolly cake for her birthday until we can get a toy! :-)

  54. claire molyneux says:

    my 2yr old adores woolly and his little face would light up if i could buy one for him please somebody tell me where to get one i have searched high and low all over the web with no joy :(

  55. louise blunn says:

    My 2 and a half year old daughter screams with excitment every time woolly and tig comes on the telly! Please please please hurry up and make woolly available to buy you would make her day!

  56. Hi. We’re massive Woolly fans too – our (almost) 3 old and Mum, Dad & baby sister too!
    Look forward to hearing when the toy comes out as we’ll definitely want (at least) one.

  57. My daughter LOVES Woolly. Her Favourite episode is ‘the clown’. Please let me know when you have more info on where we can buy a Woolly of our own.

  58. Woolly and Tig are huge hits in our house with my 1 yr old and 5 yr old daughters. Can’t wait till they release stuff to go with the show. As a parent I think it’s fantastic!
    Well done to all especially woolly & tig!! :-)

  59. Lee-Anne says:

    My kids love this show! They just can’t get enough of it, constantly asking when the next episode will be on. Really great show with real situations they can relate to. And it’s Scottish so even better! Can’t wait for it to be on DVD and buy them a Woolly of their own. :D

  60. Hi, also wanted to say that my daughter loves woolly and tig! She has been unwell recently and it was the only thing that she is interested in!

    I also would live a woolly toy when they come into production, do you have plans to release a DVD also?

  61. laura dempster says:

    my 3yrold son and i love wolly, hope we can buy him soon! can u keep me posted, thanx laura.

  62. My son archie is due to turn 2 on 28th may and woolly and tig is the only childrens programme he will actually sit down quietly to watch. Would love to buy him the cuddly spider for his birthday please keep me posted on any available to buy.

  63. My 3 year old twins simply love Woolly and Tig, we can’t wait to hear about when and where we can buy a Woolly:-)

  64. Michelle says:

    My son absolutely loves Woolly and Tig! We have to record all the programs and watch them over and over again wish it was a bit longer.
    Can’t wait to be able to buy him a woolly for his very own.
    Regards Michelle and Shaheen xx

  65. where can i buy a woolly toy spider from as my daughter loves him please help asap

  66. Hi,
    My 2 year old daughter too loves woolly and tig i have googled every shop possible but cant find anything, and i have even tried to get printables but there is only 1 printable on cbeebies website, my daughter cries everytime it ends, like every1 else PLEASE make woolly and tig toys asap, you will make alot off mums and childern happy.

    Hope to hear somthing soon!!!!

  67. My 7 year old daughter rowan and her 5 year old brother nathan love wolly and tig and reaaly wish they could have there very own wolly.

  68. My 2 year old son adores woolly and tigs little adventures. I wish each programme would last longer though as he watches them over and over again on demand. He keeps asking me for a woolly spider to cuddle, and tries to clap woolly on the tv screen. Realy would love to get him a toy woolly! Please get them in the shops!!

  69. Cathy Boyd says:

    My 2 year old daughter Ruby is mad about Woolly and Tig. She just loves the programme and is really keen to get a woolly of her own. Please let me as soon as woolly becomes available to buy. You will be making a little girl very happy. :)

  70. please let us know when the woolly toys will be made ,my 3 year old would benefit from this toy and it would make the makers of this toy a fortune,its educational and we cant wait to buy one,email me as soon as there available please

  71. Niaomi Burt says:

    What a great programme . My daughter always asks me when it is on and she is glued to the tv . She keeps asking for a toy spider so cant wait till woolly comes on the market .

  72. Leanne Halsall says:

    My 2 and a half year old daughter screams with excitment every time woolly and tig comes on the telly! Please please please hurry up and make woolly available to buy you would make her day!

  73. Louise Walsh says:

    Hello, just watched another fab episode of Woolly and Tig……best thing on TV! My Daughter loves Woolly and we just saw Andy with a Woolly tig on Discover and do just before the show came on…….does that mean there are Woolly’s available now? Thank you

  74. Hi,
    My 20 month daughter LOVES woolly and tig!!!
    She also LOVES spiders and a toy woolly would be the best addition to her collection!!!
    She dances to the simple yet catchy theme tune, and the adventures are all so relevant that we can go out everyday and have same adventures. Genius!!

    Please please please hurry and make some toys.
    Help makes kiddies ( and parents) happy everywhere!!!

    Thanks cbeebies xxx

  75. Like everyone else on here, my two year old loves Woolly and Tig. We have recorded every episode so far and probably seen each of them twenty or so times. Please hurry up with the toy spiders and a DVD would be much appreciated too. Thank you for making a programme that the children adore that gives great moral messages and helps parents to explain things in the context of what Tig did. Keep them coming.

  76. Isabella&phoebeHollis says:

    Watching woolley is the only way my nieces sit still and eat there meals we have every episode on sky plus. Baby ben is their favourite. I hope you keep this on the tv. It’s brill : ) can’t wait to get woolley toys for them!

  77. My daughter Jessie loves Wolly and Tig, she is really busy at 19 months old but will stay still while the programme is on, please please please make a wolley so she can have one of her own x

  78. Lindsay Ritchie says:

    My 3 1/2 year old daughter loves Wooly & Tig and asks me after every episode for a Wooly of her own!
    Really hope he makes it to the shops soon!
    Definitely one of the more true to life programmes my little one loves (apart from the talking spider bit).

  79. Rebecca Williams says:

    We’d love to hear about the release of Woolly, it’s a fantastic programme , it really helps our very sensitive 2 year old. He really enjoys it and would love a Woolly of his own. We will be buying one without a doubt :)

  80. My 16 month daughter is a bit obsessed with Woolly and Tig. Started folding her arms the other day and I couldn’t think where it was coming from, now I know. I am sure she would go wild over a Woolly toy.

  81. helen lamb says:

    My 3 year old daughter and I absolutely love woolly and tig.Can you let me know as soon as it is possible to buy this lovable spider.Thank you for making the spiders less scary

  82. angeline hargreaves says:

    I am a Registered Childminder and find the programme educational and fun! All the children I care for would love a real woolly to cuddle. :)

  83. Katy freke says:

    Thanku so much for bringing this to our tv’s,my daughters love it and watch episode after episode. Cant wait for the toys!

  84. Fantastic show the best on cbeebies!!! Why is it so short!! it is the only peace I get all day as my 2 & 3 year olds are glued. I want 2 woollys!!!

  85. My 2 year old is addicted, can’t get enough of tig. She has started shouting ‘its only a toy spider’ at people who say hi when we are out and about which is most amusing. Please let us know when we can buy our own woolly.

  86. Sarah Ashurst says:

    My nearly 3 year old LOVES this programme it is constantly on in our home thanks to sky plus! It’s so helpful in explaining things to my daughter. Really helping with the change over from toddler to little girl and I even find myself explaining new experiences like Woolly would to her haha. Would love toys Woolly’s available to buy. I’d certainly be queuing outside of shops!

  87. my 20 month old daughter has just seem this show for the first time and loves it as soon as she hears the title music and see’s woolley she goes crazy. can’t wait to be able to buy herwoolley to play with hope it’s very soon.

  88. In our house we have a soon to be four year old girl. And what Woolly says is gospel. The wisdom of woolly rules. Thanks for a lovely show.

  89. Fantastic show – didn’t realise that ‘Tig’ was played by Colin McCredie’s own daughter! It’s the best way to calm my little boy who is always full of beans, and something that I can actually enjoy watching too. Would definitely get DVDs if there were any… Well done.

  90. Emily Crane says:

    Your episode about grandma’s dog helped my daughter with her fear of dog’s. She’s 4 and love’s Woolly & Tig and I love to watch her take it all in. WELL DONE!!!

  91. think wolly and tig is a great show and has helped my daughter with a few of her fears i just say what would wolly say to tig :) any news on toys? x

  92. i also agree along with my two children (boy) Riley aged 4, and (girl) Summer aged 2. we love the show and cant wait for a wooly of our own. many regards xx

  93. Any news on a woolly toy ? My son is 20 months and has always disliked cuddly toys but he loves this programme. I’m hoping a woolly would change that

  94. Charlotte Clayforth says:

    My 2 year old daughter, Elodie, absolutely adores Woolly & Tig.
    She asks for it numerous times daily, and reminds me shes a big girl like Tig.

    We even realised that telling her that Tig is a big girl and she can do it, means Elodie will try more things. Its great! Over a year of fighting with her about tying her hair up came to an end after the story about Tig having bunches :)
    Now she asks for ‘bunches like tig’ every time she spots the hairbrush.

    I cannot wait to see a Woolly toy in the shops, she would be over the moon to recieve one for her birthday :) (Hope they’re out by December!)

  95. My 2 year old gal loves this programme the washing the hair one we now do rub a duba and she doesn’t cry she loves hair wash now
    Please please bring out a toy soon a decent size woolly

  96. every time i see woolley on tv i smile and kick my legs like mad. i wish i had one too. love maia aged nearly one xxx

  97. Fantastic program from cbeebies! Great that it’s on iplayer too, so can be enjoyed anytime!
    Hope to find Woolly in the shops soon!
    My little girl just loves the bunches story (but declared “that’s not a woman, it’s PC Plum!)

  98. paula Irivne says:

    Hi There,

    My little girl also loves wooly and tig, it is so educational and fantastic for using to our advantage if the little lady isn’t playing ball. I would love to also know when the toys go on sale.

    Many Thanks
    Hannah’s mummy

  99. I come from Taiwan,my 3 year old son loves Woolly and Tig so so much. This is a wonderful show teach children about many thing and help children to create good character,For example my son become brave when I took him to see dentist after he watched the show about Tig visits the dentist to have her teeth counted Woolly encourages Tig to open her mouth wide for the dentist. I am so suprise about this good show’s impact and I must to say, Woolly thanks ^^~ Winnie

  100. I’m Ten and i love woolly and tig.
    My cousien who is five was watching it and now i’ve become attached to it

  101. My daughter adores the show and asks for a Woolly toy all the time.
    At the same time it would be great if a DVD with all episodes was available to buy :-)
    Thank you for creating something really funny, educational, attention catching and well made as well!

  102. jennifer kerr says:

    amazing show amazing cast i love wooly and tig as much as my daughter Eivie but you know what im going to say….we need a toy spider please x

    • Hi Jennifer

      Please see our most recent post on the blog – we finally have some good news on Woolly toys and other Woolly & Tig merchandise!

      Thanks for your patience!

  103. tanya twaddle says:

    My wee girl is 17 months and she loves it, she’s been hooked on it for the last 2/3 months I’m really looking forward to the release of the dvd it drives me crazy that every 5 mins she’ll look at me n say again lol xx her Fav episode is baby ben, the.hair wash 1 has helped me out so much at bath times wen I wen we wash her hair I count 10 rubba dubbas n no screaming match :):):):):):);)

  104. My son loves woolly in morning before school, when are they coming to shops for sale?

    • Hi Deborah (and everyone else who has asked)

      Official Woolly & Tig toys (and books and DVDs) are now available to buy from Amazon and Tesco.

      Thanks for watching and I hope your son enjoys his very own Woolly toy!

  105. My 2.5 yr old has recently been ill with croup and was asking for a woolly so I googled and found one on amazon woolly came the next day and now Keira carries woolly around everywhere. Thank you so much for making him as he has helped my daughter while she is poorly. Xxxx

  106. Woolly rocks…My 2 year old son loves him. Hope to see him in the shops soon.

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