New CBeebies Show Biggleton hits screens today with titles by CharacterShop!

New CBeebies Show Biggleton hits screens today!

Look out for Biggleton launching on CBeebies today!

We created the animated elements for the title sequence of the new show re-creating the town environment in CG using a card-board texture and hand drawn detail and a pigeon character that was tracked and animated seamlessly into the live action shots to create the end result.

We hope you like them!

4th BAFTA Win for CITV’s Share-A-Story

4th BAFTA Win for CITV’s Share-A-Story

Fantastic to see our friends at CITV win another BAFTA for The Short Form award (for children’s programmes that are 5 minutes or less) with Share-A-Story 2016 which included our lovely Gotcha! animation!

Share-A-Story is a fantastic competition where young people aged 5-12 develop story ideas for one-minute animations and the winners’ ideas get faithfully translated into top quality animations.


We have been working with CITV on the project since 2011 and have animated one of the 8 winners’ stories each year ever since, in addition to a one-off Christmas special for good measure.


We’re very proud to have part of such a fantastic award-winning programme. Very well done CITV on your 4th Share-A-Story BAFTA – Amazing!!


If you’d like to take a look at Gotcha! please click here.

CharacterShop turns 15!

CharacterShop turns 15!

We celebrated 15 years of Charactershop life with friends old and new in a little gathering in Birmingham last night. It was a great night and a big reunion of animator folk.

Thank you to everyone that we have worked with over the years and to all that were able to join us and help us to celebrate! Particularly to those that travelled from afar, so great to see so many of you there!

Here’s to the next 15 years!